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Features and benefits:

Our products

Our gas turbines are designed to provide maximum perfomance and reliability, ensuring that you receive the best return on your investment. Some of our popular gas turbine models include:
◦ Small and medium-sized turbines
◦ Heavy-duty turbines
◦ Aeroderivative turbines
◦ Industrial gas turbines


Our gas turbines are designed to reduce the risk of downtime and ensure a consistent power supply


They can be used in a wide range of applications, including power generation, oil and gas production, and industrial processes.


Our gas turbines are environmentally friendly and emit low levels of greenhouse gases, making them an ideal choice for organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


With high efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and low emissions, our gas turbines are a cost-effective solution for your energy needs

High Efficiency

Our gas turbines are designed to operate at high efficiency levels, ensuring maximum energy conversion and low fuel consumption


We use only the highest-quality materials and the latest manufacturing methods to ensure that our gas turbines are reliable and durable

Why choose us

Your goals are our goals, so no matter what state of planning you’re in, or what you’re hoping to achieve, we’re ready to serve you.
At Aurum Jet, our mission is to lead customer success by working together to deliver and sustainable energy solutions, more accessible energy to the world. Our expertise team and a dedication to continuous improvement, we’re proud to offer our customers a full range of resolutions—from long-term service support to upgrades—to help keep you competitive today while preparing you for a future with less carbon emissions.